About Air Freight

Technology adoption for air cargo management is also on the rise with freight forwarders, integrators and airports. More and more airports are requiring ground handlers and providers to make reservations of slots on digital platforms, thereby boosting efficiency, optimising costs and carbon footprints through heightened visibility and effective data-sharing. Air Cargo software eased many airports’ cargo management with its advanced ticketing, web-based booking, and tracking methods.

A marked number of airlines across the world have already started to eliminate legacy paper-based systems by adopting the use of digital processes, which includes using air freight software, measuring digital devices, applications for declaring dangerous goods and web-based booking and tracking platforms to monitor the movement of shipments in real-time. Manual intervention will be reduced drastically with the deployment of Air Cargo software.

An end-to-end, web-based air freight software solution can assist cargo terminal operators to address these issues. We understand these issues well and constantly strive to provide solutions that can address these problems, promising improvement and efficiency of the operations and increasing the bottom line results.