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Eonepay LSP Pvt. Ltd. is a revolutionary Fintech and B2B platform that offers a “One-stop shop” for the digital supply chain for Railways freight, freight forwarders, custom house brokers, and other NVOCCs. Eonepay is Digital platform for Logistics service provider, Industry specific with flexible short term credit facility depending on their billing cycle which deals with centralized controlling on all type of Logistic Vendors from vendor registration to Delivery.

Eonepay also introduce integrated B2B logistics ecosystem (First of Its Kind in the world) through digital technologies using Fintech /TMS /WMS for Multimodal and Intermodal connectivity between the Multiple Asset owners and harnessing its potential for employment generation and control revenue leakages, & delays and further enhancing Freight and Audit using Digital Invoice / Digital KYC / Digital Marine and Credit insurance using API’s.We looks at each and every aspect of Digital platform; considering multiple type of charges with 100% accurate calculation. Read more

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Adds Community Projects, a new portal environment that replaces the previous portal, to offer feature-rich request management and business process management tool, it Provides real-time status tracking of support requests. It is a central point for all project requirements and communication between Eonepay and its customers. It offers guided report creation and automated workflows with automatic task assignment, request tracking and alerts.
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Payment Protection plan

Packaging for transport is extremely dynamic in global logistic. Our packing is 100% tailored to your needs.Premiun protection against various external factors that could damage the cargo during transport

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We believe good service to be very important.If you have any remarks,please don't hesitate to contact us.

International Shipping

Packaging according to strict international standards provide safe and economical transport of your precious cargo to its final destination


  • Free Business MasterCard & management
  • Eliminate Manual Process
  • Simplify the Revenue cycle Management
  • Low Cost & Fewer fraud cases
  • No Delay ,with Cash Back
  • Real time updates on payment
  • Provide a seamless Customer Experience
  • Streamline the Re-association of Payments & Remittance Details
  • Read more

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Impact Of COVID-19 On Worldwide Cargo Industry

April 13, 2020

The impact on the worldwide cargo industry is significant and will affect the indutry's ability to recover from COVID-19 .Demands on the flexibility in bi-lateral and multi-lateral regulations new standards for operation, protection of personnel.We are witnessing new procedures and logistics arrangements almost everyday.Its a big task to collect information and even bigger one to disseminate to right buisness for more uniformity and compatibility


Digital Collaborations Is All About Putting User In The Center

March 13, 2019

The digital landscape in India has undergone major changes over the last decade with usage growing exponentially, fuelled by mobile penetration, data costs coming down, and the innovations done by the vibrant eco-system. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this adoption, with fundamental habit changing, causing a seismic shift in both knowledge and acceptance.


Freight Forwarders Air Freight Rates On The Up In August

March 13, 2019

Air cargo rates on some of the world’s busiest routes began to pick up again in August while the outlook remains uncertain. The latest figures from Index show that prices on services has increased in August compared with both a month earlier and a year ago. Looking at performance on a week-by-week basis, prices peaked in the middle of August before heading back down towards the end of the month.