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EONEPAY is API Based Technology for supply chain management. It is a revolutionary platform for payment, Marine Insurance and Credit platform which offers a "One Stop Shop" for the cargo industry. It provides the freight shipping industry with an integrated solution that allows customers to efficiently manage their cash and working capital while enjoying the speed of the market-leading Eonepay payment solution.

Eonepay is a Digital platform for Railways freight, freight forwarders, custom house brokers, NVOCCs and 3PL, Industry specific with flexible short-term credit facilities depending on their billing cycle which deals with centralized control on all types of Logistic Vendors from vendor registration to Delivery.

Eonepay also introduces an integrated B2B logistics ecosystem through digital technologies for Multimodal and Intermodal connectivity between the Multiple Asset owners and harnessing its potential for controlling revenue leakages, & delays and further enhancing Freight and Audit payment using Digital Invoice / Digital KYC/ Marine Insurance and Credit Insurance using API. We look at each and every aspect of the Digital platform, considering multiple types of charges.

Day-to-day management of your B2B integration environment to optimize supply chain operations and improve customer service solution overview, today's supply chains are becoming more global and complex, and there is a requirement to collaborate and support customers. However, supply chain leaders struggle to onboard and connect with all their trading partners and keep pace with new trading partner demands.

Eonepay is joining as both a Buyer and a Suppliers Payment Agent, enabling corporate customers to solve both payables and receivables challenges by banishing painstaking manual reconciliation, and lengthy delays in allocating cash.

Account-to-account Track Business Payment Services operation, providing a new range of functionality for business customers.