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About Eonepay

Eonepay is a revolutionary payment platform which offer a “One Stop Shop” for the cargo industry. It provide the freight shipping industry with an integrated solution that allows customers to efficiently manage their cash and working capital while enjoying the speed of the market-leading Eonepay payment solution.

ERP integration

Offers unmatched capabilities and expertise in ERP integration, one of the most complex aspects of B2B, with direct integration to SAP and connectivity to all other popular ERP systems, including Oracle®, Microsoft Dynamics®, Ariba®, Infor™ and Epicor®

B2B communications

Supports a broad range of industry and vertical standards, including AS2, AS4, OFTP2, SOAP, FTP, FTP/s, SAP/ALE, MQ Series, HTTP/s, RNIF and many more, boosting the agility and efficiency of B2B operations by connecting business partners in their preferred communication formats.

Visibility, alerting, analytics

Provides a simple, intuitive user interface to see timely “track and trace” data needed to immediately address exception conditions, as well as summary-level dashboards to identify trading partner performance and transaction volume trends. Sends timely transaction status alerts and allows organizations to monitor in-flight transactions to ensure data quality and compliance.

Community collaboration

Adds Community Projects, a new portal environment that replaces the previous portal, to offer feature-rich request management and business process management tool, it Provides real-time status tracking of support requests. It is a central point for all project requirements and communication between Eonepay and its customers. It offers guided report creation and automated workflows with automatic task assignment, request tracking and alerts.
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Collaborative automate supply chain processes

Once the digital foundation is in place, Applications can support entire Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash processes. Active Applications has a new user interface offering more responsive environments to simplify and improve the overall experience of these applications. Active Applications allows organizations and their trading partners to view and collaborate on the same information via a central data repository. These applications are highly configurable and provide metrics on who is performing and who is not, enabling organizations to identify risk across the supply chain.

Eonepay Fintech

Eonepay Finance facilitates funding for the Shipping and logistics industry.
We enable you to expedite cargo release with Eonepay while making your payment terms easy. Eonepay helps clients to improve their working capital and cash management. We offer deferred payment terms facility, typically 30- days’ revolving credit terms, to client’s right within the Eonepay System, so there is no extra workflow or process involved. When a client uses our signature product, Eonepay Credit, the vendor receives the payment immediately, funded by our banking partner(s), so the transaction proceeds as rapidly as possible.
*EONEPAY is not a lender. EONEPAY is a fin-tech company with a simple way to review and decision funding solutions for Railways freight payment, freight forwarders, custom house brokers, and other NVOCCs (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier).
Day-to-day management of your B2B integration environment to optimize supply chain operations and improve customer service solution overview, today’s supply chains are becoming more global and complex, and there is a requirement to collaborate and support customers 24x7x365. However, supply chain leaders struggle to onboard and connect with all their trading partners and keep pace with new trading partner demands.
This leads to a lack of visibility across the end-to-end business ecosystem and limits the intelligence and insights that can be gathered to identify underperforming areas. By its very nature, B2B integration is costly, complex and requires continuous investments in specialized technology and skilled professionals to monitor, manage and maintain a B2B integration environment. These environments typically need to integrate with both legacy and next-generation technologies across the extended ecosystem from paper and fax to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and APIs (Application Programming Interface).
B2B Managed Services can help companies shield their business from the complexities of managing B2B integration environments, allowing them to focus on more meaningful activities relating to their core business. B2B Managed Services delivers a repeatable, proven people-process-technology solution to extend the capabilities of internal business functions and optimize supply chain performance for business growth. A powerful cloud integration platform to support messaging, integration, workflow, visibility and intelligence across multiple industries.
Speed inventory turns by 35%, increase perfect order rate by 3%, decrease the cost of B2B by 20-40%, shorten cash conversion by 22%, improve on-time delivery rate by 48%, improve product introduction by 16%, reduce unplanned event response time by 89% and shrink days sales outstanding by 30%.
“With B2B Managed Services, we will increase global visibility across our base of B2B transactions with considerably improved monitoring capabilities. The global footprint is very important to us, as we need to ultimately be able to connect to a customer anywhere in the world.”
“B2B Managed Services is a great fit because we can stay focused on core business and also meet our goals for digital transformation. We have also increased our efficiency and helped drive down costs.”

Collaborate peer-to-peer

Allows companies to move beyond traditional hub-and spoke-based information sharing, a secure, cloud-based file sharing application, it enables peer-to-peer/spoke-to-spoke collaboration among business users. Ensures that even the smallest trading partner can exchange electronic business documents with their customers, thus helping to enable a 100% digitized supply chain. Expand process collaboration to new users and use-cases, delivers extended collaboration with its Identity & Access Management (IAM) platform. Customers can assign individual users a digital identity and unique information access rights to back-end systems, enabling new B2B collaboration that extends beyond information exchange to direct information access. IAM helps companies secure and streamline information sharing with external stakeholders.

Logistics and land transport

We are solving the significant inefficiencies in landside logistics. We provide visibility and decision-making capability, domestically and on both ends of the container chain to optimize landside logistics for depots, warehouses, carriers and terminals.
Interoperability is the main driver of super grid logistics due to the need for a modularly configurable logistics service portfolio. Internally operated or external services can be seamlessly selected, orchestrated, and executed on demand. Based on logistics-as-a-service (LaaS) models, smart business networks can be created, and individual intermodal, multimodal, and Synchromodal solutions can be executed quickly and cost-efficiently.
Logistics e-Forwarders can offer customers end-to-end logistics services through broker platforms or similar concepts to connect shippers and carriers. Only a few specialists will develop services with high complexity and development costs (e.g., risk management/security, customs clearance, and compliance). Premium e-Services (e-billing, e-Compliance e-Clearance) will develop as the new critical differentiators.

Cargo chain

  • The latest move is a customs advisory allowing shippers to bypass carriers while settling terminal handling charges (THC) related to direct port delivery (DPD) shipments. DPD is a fast-track mode for the clearance of imports, where varied terminal charges have long been a controversial issue.
  • “To bring transparency, augment ‘ease of doing business’ and to reduce the logistics costs, it has been decided that the importers having AEO (authorized economic operator) status and those who are availing DPD facility for containerized cargo may be allowed the facility of paying terminal handling charges directly to the terminal operators instead of paying through shipping lines,”
  • By encouraging “disintermediation,” authorities are hoping to identify and eliminate any variance in THC (Terminal handling charges) as a result of potential markups between what a terminal operator charges the carrier and what the carrier collects from the shipper.
  • Under DPD (Direct Port Delivery), all customs’ pre-approved importers can clear their cargo directly from the pier within 48 hours of landing at the port, rather than wheeling the container into an off-site container freight station (CFS) that typically leads to extra ground rent and delays. As the rationale suggests, direct freight clearance offers significant cost advantages, vis-à-vis the traditional CFS delivery model. But stakeholders need to fix terminal tariff issues to maximize such efficiency gains.


We are creating a single solution for the entire international e-Commerce fulfilment supply chain. We were deeply integrated to combine shipping, customs, international freight forwarding, parcel, final mile delivery and full track and trace.

Private ports welcome move

On that front, JNPT (Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust) previously secured approval from the port regulator Tariff Authority for Major Ports (TAMP) for a uniform DPD handling rate scale across the terminals. Still, those guidelines have not yielded the desired outcome.
However, the Indian Private Ports & Terminals Association (IPPTA), the umbrella body for build-operate-transfer (BOT) operators at major ports, welcomed the move, calling it a game-changer for the industry. “A long-time demand has finally been adhered to, ending a dispute with the liners.

Key Opportunities

  • New business opportunities for global players to enhance their networks and service levels.
  • Increased B2B and B2C relationships and higher product security through enhanced data transparency and traceability.
  • Reduction of infrastructure and service development costs, rapid time-to-value, and scalability of services.
  • Faster and cost-efficient configuration of Customized solutions.

Our Core Competencies

  • Exhibition & Fair Shipments
  • Global Ecommerce Solutions
  • Complete By Sea Services
  • Dangerous Goods Clearance
  • Specialist In Delivery Worldwide
  • Expertized In Critical Cargo
  • Console - Bulk And Break
  • Transit Logistics - Hub & Spoke

Eonepay Fintech

Eonepay may be a payments technology leader, but our success is driven by people – our team members, customers and business partners.
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Who We Are

Eonepay Fintech is one of the leading finance platforms for the global shipping & logistic industry which facilitates funding solutions instantly for Railways freight payment, freight forwarders, custom house brokers, and other NVOCCs.
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What We Do

We offer cashless transactions & deferred payment terms facility, typically 30- days revolving credit terms, Digital insurance & E labelled (to track and trace cargo) to client’s right within the Eonepay System to improve their working capital and cash management.
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How We Do

Using our Signature product - Eonepay contactless payments & Credit, the vendor receives the payment immediately, funded by our banking partner(s), so the transaction proceeds as rapidly as possible.

Community Building at Heart

Our Support Service is always available 24 hours a day.