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A GPS Tracking Eonepay is a unique global payment solution provider allowing our merchants to trade in multiple currencies, multiple countries and multiple acquirers. Our single payment gateway integration works across various industries. It is most efficient electronic payment method in the freight and logistics business.unit is a device that uses the global positioning system to determine the precise location of vehicle,cargo or other assets to which it is attached and to record the position at regular intervals.The recorded location data can be stored within the tracking unit,or it may be transmitted to a central location data base,internet –connected computer,using GPRS or SMS or satellite modem embedded in the unit.

Our multiple payment methods allows customers to have the convenience of paying by their preferred method of paying anywhere. They have full control over the entire payments process with complete visibility and granular reconciliation tools. Our Aim is to built innovative and ground breaking payment technology for our customers. This payment system removes all technical complexities of cross –border and Omni-channel payments. We offers loyality and incentive schemes across any payment channels.


Eonepay is based on an online protocol consisting of a transaction and a status protocol. When a customer pays with Eonepay, he uses the mobile banking app or the online banking application from his bank. The payment takes just a few steps.Eonepay implifies managing customers payments with a single dashboard for all of your Recurring Invoices, regardless of payment type. Create a transaction using payment option on third-party website,add transaction lines for multiple payments in single transaction.

Smarter, Safer & Simpler Payments
Issue your own payment disbursement solutions and accept customer payments
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Strong Payment Solutions
We provide solutions for over 550 companies who rely on Transcard for their payments technology
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Rich and Powerful Open API’s
Our processing platform has rich API’s that enable a wide variety of payment options and strong solutions.
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Omni-channel Pay-in / Pay-out
Our capabilities enhance the capabilities of our customers and business partners
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Achieve an Ideal Mix of Payment Disbursement and Payment Acceptance

we are transforming our platform to enable instant and frictionless payments anywhere in the world. Our aim is to significantly improve end-to-end efficiency, reduce total costs, and to create services that equip financial institutions to capture growth and create new, differentiated customer experiences
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Customize your B2B payment workflows with powerful, open Eonepay APIs.


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EONEPAY is your all-in-one logistics payment platform for faster cargo services

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Eonepay provides a guaranteed payment to merchants and enables consumers to pay online through their bank account.

Eonepay is based on the Credit Transfer and consists of a collection of technical agreements and standards (a protocol) between payment service providers. It is seamlessly integrated with the online banking systems offered by banks. When an transaction is successful, the merchant has a guarantee that he will receive the money via Credit Transfer. Therefore the merchant can deliver the goods or services instantly.



  • Accept payments via debit, credit cards, NEFT, RTGS,UPI &Wallets
  • Provide seamless checkout experience to customers & get paid faster
  • Get Insight on payments, settlements, Cash Flow, refunds.etc. via Analytics
  • Integrate end-to-end payment process in minutes
  • Track payments easily using API’s

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EONEPAY first logistic service provider network in India, you can now pay all your providers instantly from one platform and not have to worry about cargo tracking check deliveries or managing cash.

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EONEPAY contactless payment platform is an innovation that saves paper and reduces environment impact.

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