Add E-labeling


E-labeling has a significant impact on business, supply chain, optimization efficiencies with traceability and digitalization, solution with speed to market.

Essentially, e-labeling means a product or packaging label can be interacted with digitally. Via a scannable barcode on the product, consumers or those further downstream in the supply chain are taken to a webpage or app where they see additional labeling information. As well as providing flexibility to dynamically update copy that would traditionally be printed on a label, the content can be customized to geographic location, demographics, and more.

So very quickly, we can move from the realms of straightforward labeling to personalized customer experiences. And that presents us with endless opportunities to drive e-labeling to gather customer data and build insightful relationships that allow businesses to take advantage of opportunities previously unavailable to them.

When you consider the potential impact on competitive advantage and profitability, it makes e-labeling almost impossible for business leaders to ignore performance and profitability through our consumer relationships.

Making more products uniquely identifiable and therefore trackable, taking advantage of opportunities to engage with consumers, and being ready to embrace a sustainability program that can be accurately monitored and measured, such as data used for driving logic needed for label processing.

So, it often ends offline, stored in several spreadsheets, and saved in databases on separate systems. Yet, it’s critical content that needs tight control for consistency. A digital solution means all this can be housed in a single repository that is purpose-built for labeling.