Leveraging advanced technology for fast easier, more profitable trade

Automation, data, and machine intelligence turn a complex process into a series of “mouse clicks” and supported decisions.

Trade execution process with origin/destination pairs, advanced API connections to data and partners, and an intelligent rules-engine to deal with any disruption that may arise.

Existing pain points

Trade execution teams are handling more than ten shipments at a time, each requiring multiple decisions and an average of 40-50 tasks, almost all of which are rote (data entry, proofing, coordinating with vendors, etc.). Every one of these decisions and 400+ tasks represents a risk of not delivering a quality product on-time, which equates to hundreds of risks every week.

Failure to remove these roadblocks leads to mispriced contracts, longer turnaround times, suboptimal contract delivery, poor customer experience, and lost opportunities to increase retention and sales.


A personalized, automated e-commerce experience - powered by data, machine intelligence, and process automation trade delivery platform structures every trade around delivering to the customer, on-time and profitably. Each trade centres around the rules, parties, and promises; allows collaboration; provides decision support, and focuses on profitable on-time completion (delivery).

Create contract

Contract templates and “customer playbooks” automate workflow, tasks, documents and teams based on contract terms, providing controls linked to the execution process and a volume neutral environment during peak work periods.

Way Forward

The first step of the new way is to eliminate manual data entry and paper in the execution process. Starting with pre-built integrations (AGRIS, Bookings, Customs, etc.) for improved systems integration prevents the re-keying of manual data - reducing admin costs, eliminating document discrepancies, and speeding the process.

Once manual data entry is removed, rules-based, intelligent automation drives process improvements and proactive risk minimization across the entire workflow, from contract-to-delivery: automation, data.

Plan shipment

Shipment workflow is streamlined and automated from customer playbooks. Teams customize alerts and assignments to appropriate team members to ensure tasks are done on time.

Allocate inventory

Information and intelligence in inventory allocation leverage origin/destination pairs to optimize COGS from the start.

Compare and book carriers

Intelligent carrier “reliability scores” (historical performance by route with associated detention & demurrage costs) enable teams to select the best route to optimize COGS and deliver on-time when comparing rates and schedules.

Load containers

Integrated loading instructions, inventory control, and capacity planning tools make an inspection, coordination with loading facility, loading, and hitting cut-off dates seamless.

Generate documents

Integrated, digital document generation eliminates manual entry. Changes to bookings or documents like a splitting shipment take minutes, not hours.

Collaborate at every stage

A streamlined online platform with shared views and one true data record allows parties to collaborate easily with internal team members, vendors, and customers.

View and track

Real-time information and end-to-end visibility enable tracking and “proactive risk minimization” for key decisions along the trade execution process.

Analyze and report

Collecting information at every step, the rich data environment delivers analytics and insight to optimize process and decisions and drive better performance.


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