Digital forwarding platform

A comprehensive platform to manage every aspect of a freight forwarding operation

This platform provides even the smallest freight forwarder tools to offer unique and high-quality services.

Eonepay helps shipments move from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible. It covers every link in the chain from capacity planning and rate management to vessel booking and last-mile trucking. Among many other functions, this Eonepay platform can organize and co-ordinate:

  • • Shipments
  • • Consolidations
  • • Bookings
  • • Imports
  • • Exports
  • • Customs documentation
  • • Transshipments
  • • On-forwarding


The single platform enables brokerage, customs, invoicing, and many other forwarding operations in place. It eliminates the need for separate, time-consuming jobs while enabling organization-wide transparency.


Eonepay helps eliminate manual, paper-intensive processes. Data can be made available across a company’s global operations after typing it in once. Customer data can be securely shared throughout your operations, minimizing delays and errors.

Eonepay gives you and your customers the ability to track cargo movements in real-time through its workflow feature. It can be customized to send alerts when cargo reaches (or doesn’t reach) performance milestones. You and your customers can receive an update when a container enters a port, unloaded from a ship, delivered, or when it reaches any other point in the single supply-chain system. Eonepay can connect forwarders with every link in the supply chain.

The system receives schedule updates and container tracking information from many sources and can relay them all to you instantly. It can send automated alerts to your customers and issue reports tohelp them meet their key performance indicators.

The platform facilitates easy communication with many entities, including:

  • • Customs authorities
  • • Port authorities
  • • Airlines
  • • Shipping lines
  • • Transport providers
  • • Depots
  • • Industry facilitators
  • • Agents
  • • Customers
  • • Clients


Workflows are configurable, so important events trigger alerts. The system can, for example, send a notification if a container has been in a depot for too long, helping avoid detention and demurrage fees.

The look and feel of data-entry forms, documents, and reports can be configured to match company requirements. Eonepay report templates are flexible;they can be aligned to any corporate. Eonepay booking capabilities centralize communications and documentation in a single system. This makes for faster and more accurate LCL (less than container load), FCL (full container load), and air-freight bookings.

Eonepay booking module includes a full scheduling system with sailing, flight, trucking, and rail schedules. A schedule can be built with multiple origins and destinations. Eonepay can track the shipment from start to finish.

The platform facilitates easy consolidation. Shipments can be dragged and dropped from a load list to several containers, splitting them if required.

Eonepay freight-forwarding functions can be integrated with any other modules, including the multi-currency accounting and invoicing solutions. All these functions make an Eonepay software tool for any freight forwarder.

Direct electronic connections to ports

Direct electronic connections to port community systems improve supply-chain visibility and streamline shipment management processes. Eonepay has connections to ports in Australia, China, Germany, the Netherlands, and South Africa.

These connections remove the need for manual processes, which can cause delays and rejection of cargo. They also deliver speed, quality, and accuracy.

Get it right first time

Intelligent data validation ensures the correct messages are submitted. It also ensures messages are sent according to the recipient’s standards.

Minimize delays

Electronic documentation can reduce manual processes, lessening wait times at the port. If messages are not sent by a certain date or time, exception management can automate notifications for further action.

Control costs

By eliminating manual data entry, the risk of penalties is reduced. Also, streamlining cargo processing saves time and my.

Improve productivity

Quickly and easily send data and ensure there is an audit trail that can be tracked.


Meeting complex regional compliance requirements is a great challenge for global logistics businesses. Eonepay can help supply-chain businesses overcome this challenge. It can facilitate integrations with many customs jurisdictions around the world.


Eonepay monitors reference sources from many customs jurisdictions. It is always up to date with ever-changing duties and reporting requirements. The single platform system maintains a global client product database. You can link your database with relevant jurisdictions to ensure global compliance.

Eonepay connects your business directly with various customs authorities. A module is an easy-to-use tool that helps ensure compliance with various customs requirements.

Data collection and automation

Eonepay can handle everything from the simplestline entry to the most complex scenarios. It compiles customs-related data across all your operations, minimizing unnecessary re-keying. The system provides a configurable automation engine that makes many common functions automatic.

Operational integration

Eonepay is an environment of integrated enterprise resource planning applications. It integrates forwarding, costing, and invoicing requirements into a multi-layered form. The environment allows you to create and send many types of declarations. It automatically links these declarations to shipment details within the system.

Tariff classification

Eonepay is fully integrated with EBorders, a comprehensive tariff classification tool. EBorders includes tariff chapter and section notes and critical ruling information. It also includes a library of countervailing and anti-dumping cases. Its libraries also include related government requirements and duty rate information.

EBorders has a keyword search function that enables easy access to the information you need. Eonepay is an import-export solution that ensures compliance.

Geo compliance

Eonepay helps global businesses operate within the laws of countries around the world.


Eonepay can produce documents in more than 30 major languages. Users can manage and adapt these documents to include localized terms. Also, the Eonepay interface is available in several languages.


Eonepay geo-compliance capabilities allow businesses to comply with local tax laws.

Eonepay adheres to tax rates and default rules, the invoice layout, and numbering rules and ensures your data is safe and available whenever you need it. The system manages essential requirements such as VAT compliance, withholding tax, and other general procedures.

Eonepay includes a fully automated tax-determination engine that uses data already in the system. This engine determines the type of tax that should apply, tax rate, sub-class of tax, and any required invoice explanations for the relevant jurisdiction.


Eonepay accounting compliance capabilities are built as global architectures, so they are adapted to suit local needs.

The system automatically classifies invoices according to local rules for many countries and provides separate number sequences for these special invoice sub-classifications.

The system also has inbuilt fiscal reporting for several countries, based on the data already entered via the operations job, the tax determination, and automatic document classification systems.

Eonepay Netting Center combines multiple transactions into a net payment stream and automates the time-intensive, manual process of matching balances and reconciling invoices.


Supply-chain security is a serious matter. The penalties for moving cargo on behalf of black-listed companies can devastate your business.

Security is a top priority for Eonepay. The system allows users to screen clients and vessels against more than 150 watch lists, from the EU’s list of banned ships to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list. If it detects a match, the system will issue an alert.


Instant and reliable communications are essential when operating in a global industry. Eonepay comprises a comprehensive suite of integrated data messaging applications. Whether your business is large or small, complex, or compact, it can link your business with the global supply chain.

Enterprise capabilities

Enables all your business segments to work from the same page. Its enterprise-to-enterprise capabilities integrate your business’s electronic data with customers and global partners. It enables more productive communication with another, no matter where in the world you’re operating.


Advanced electronic integration is vital for a strong supply chain. But, many smaller businesses lack the expertise to make the most of the technology. For these customers, Eonepay offers an eHub service. It is a simple and flexible solution that connects Eonepay users with trading partners not using the Eonepay system.

Our expert eHub team handles all the setup, mapping, and system maintenance. This means no additional hardware or software investments for you. Because your eHub data is delivered through our Cloud network, your connections are safe, stable, and reliable.


Eonepay provides a flexible eAdaptor service for self-managed system integration. This service was developed specifically for businesses with dedicated, in-house software development teams. eAdaptor integrates Eonepay with your other systems (or those of trading partners). It is a comprehensive software development kit with sample programs written in C# .Net. eAdaptor’sEonepayb Service technology means your team can use your preferred protocol to communicate with full control over messaging middleware.

Digital Document Management

Eonepay single-window platform offers a cloud-based digital document management system. Documents stored in the system can be connected to associated shipments, orders, products, and operations. You can scan documents into the system from a hard paper copy, import documents from a hard drive, or drag and drop them from an email. Once the shipment is confirmed, customs formalities and physical movement of these goods require a manual process that is still carried out through emails and excel sheets, totaling over 70 documents for every shipment. That’s where Eonepay comes into the picture.

The objective is to automate this entire process by enabling the middleman freight-forwarder but digitizing the process from procurement to delivery. “Eonepay wants to play a major role in the freight-forwarding industry, where Eonepaywishes to convert an asset-light freight-forwarder into a digital store of their own,” “This means Eonepay get to use existing resources and infrastructure, and just give them a digital twist, and in turn reduce logistics costs.”

To set things in context, the Indian cargo market accounts for 17 million TEUs annually. Eonepay wants a small piece of the pie, whatever Eonepay have automated so far, Eonepay wants to increase that to one percent of the whole market.

The company operates on two models, depending on the size of the freight forwarder it is servicing. “Eonepaydoesn’t go with one-size-fits-all approach,” “For bigger freight forwarders, Eonepay works on a subscription model, where Eonepay charge them per-user.”