Our Vision

Eonepay’s revolutionary platform offers a  dynamic approach to transportation to deliver presence-less, paperless, and cashless services in India. Built on an open and interoperable API architecture, which will Modernize infrastructure, Accelerate time-to-market, Improve operations, Future-proof B2B requirements, Improve customer support, E2E visibility from downstream, and upstream in the logistics ecosystem along with its partners.

Our Mission

Eonepay’s payment platform is an alternative and agile service provider have emerged raising the expectations of end-users for goods, diversifying, and collaborating to build a platform of curated services. We are relentless in developing new technology to empower Super grid Logistics.

With Eonepay you can

  • Make EIDO (Electronic Import Delivery Order) payments to shipping lines;
  • Pay storage fees directly to terminals;
  • Pay for any invoice;
  • Receive invoices directly into your Eonepay account;
  • Pay from a bank account or credit card;
  • Receive credit card payments from non-Eonepay members;
  • Receive accounts payable and receivable reports.

Key benefits of Eonepay include

  • Reduced transaction costs to payee and payer;
  • Elimination of courier charges;
  • Elimination of cheques;
  • Eeal-time payments with remittance advice sent as soon as payment are authorised;
  • Increased process efficiencies;
  • Cash flow transparency; and
  • Reduced bank fees.
Eonepay is used by all sectors of the supply chain, including shipping lines, carriers, importers, exporters, freight forwarders, customs brokers, container terminals, and container parks and depots.